Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In Between

Hello my friends! Here's an unconventional study abroad update. I wrote it just for you.

So sometimes life is really spectacular and you travel to France with your friends over the weekend and you try macarons for the first time and you can't wait to write home* about it.

*send your parents an email

Other times life is kind of tough. You get drenched in the Belgian rain and class can be annoying and you realize you are missing out on a lot of Thunder basketball. Not the end of the world I realize, but still, these not-so-fun things happen sometimes.

For the most part though, life is right in between spectacular and tough. This "in between" thing is my favorite- in the U.S. and especially here in Belgium. This sense of normalcy means I've adjusted to a new way of life in a brand new place. Pretty cool.

Today is the epitome of a great "in between" day for me.
The sun came out!
I learned that the Dutch word for cereals is ridiculous- it's ontbíjtgranen, if you were curious.
I took my first French test.
I got mail from friends. (s/o to Maggie T., J.J., Jake and Daniel for that one!)
Plus there was some studying, bus riding and errand running on the agenda today too.

Most of that is normal and uninteresting.
That's okay though because when things don't move too fast, it's easier to remember to take everything in, even the small stuff, and be thankful.

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